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From the SB website:

"What's new for 2010

New cutaway shapes that reduce the wetted surface area without losing width under your back foot: a more efficient planing surface that delivers more speed and quicker acceleration, but without loss of control, stability or power. Futura 101, 111, 122, 133, 141 and 155.

New wingers that create more width between your feet, less width in the tail: a more efficient planing surface for a higher top end speed and quicker acceleration. Futura 122, 133, 141 and 155.

New nose shape on the Futura 122 and 133 that have been tweaked to offer improved balance: the 122 has a slightly narrower nose and the 133 has a slightly wider nose. Both are a touch longer than last year.

The Futura 141 has also been thinned down further compared to last year, to provide a more responsive, sporty and controllable ride with the same levels of ease, stability and comfort.

New Freeride Glide fin that delivers less drag, more speed and spin-out free grip (Futura 93, 101, 111, 122)."
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