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Originally Posted by Larsonaut View Post
Thanks for the input - the Kode 86/80 definitely seems like the right platform. Fast, but fun in chop/waves.

4.0 days are DEFINITELY rare, but it is painful to sit them out!

Not sure if I understand this:

In my experience, I always carry a bigger sail for given wind than my smaller mates. In 15kts, I use the 9.0 on the Futura 133 where my 70kg friend might be on the same board but with a 7.5, because he can't hold down a bigger rig.
I think what PG means is that for a given boards, say Futura 133l, the maximum sail size a heavy rider might find comfortable for the right conditions is a 9.0m2 whereas for a lighter rider, in even light conditions, a 9.5m might be the maximum sail size that works.

I'm not sure how valid this is though...
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