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Default Difference between Starsurfer M and GO 129

I am wondering what the difference is between the Starsurfer M and GO 129. According to the specs the GO 129 has a lot of simularities to the Carve 133. The Starsurfer M looks a lot like the Areo Kombat 127. Besides this the Starsurfer M is specialy aimed for both adults and children and the GO is especially for adults.

My wife and me are searching for a board for having both fun and performance. At times we also will have friends surfing on it on a basic level. My wife is already using footstraps, surfing in harness and planing around. For me it will be just a board for having fun with lower winds.

Both boards seem to fill these demands very nicely, but which is the better option?

Thanks in advance, Hans
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