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I commented on this question in the team section, recommending the Kode 86. At 90 kilos is will be good even with a 4.0 for B&J style sailing. The Kode 80 is not only 6 liters smaller, it has a narrower tail and feels like a 10 liter smaller board at least. Powered up it will work but I think it's almost a shame to get such a nice board and then only be able to sail it a few times a year. And it will still leave a gap tot he Kombat 105 when it's a bit sketchy 5.0-5.3.

The K86 a very controllable board. One thing I didn't mention in the other post: to extend the high wind capabilities, take the wood version over the wood carbon. Weight difference is pretty much nothing since the K86 is a rather light construction already, but the extra flex of wood makes it smoother in chop.
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