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In 10 knots with a 11m2 sail and a skilled sailor af full planing formula will beat an optimist or lazer on any angle.
If the formula is not able to be fully planing the lazer might win.
From + 10 knots formulas are very efficient but huge racing yachts like americas cup 12 metres do upwind angles horribly close to the wind at a steady 12-13 knots of speed.
A formula will have a very hard time in this company, but reaching it will outperform them (I've done 28.5 knots on my F159)
Some multuhulls and skiffs are very serious competitors too.
Normal keelboats of less than 45 feet will not catch a formula in +15 knots of wind. A longboard will outperform them too.

The interesting point is sailing in LESS than 10 knots of wind..
What about Serenity??


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