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Default Another question on board choice for beginner


I'm interested in getting into windsurfing and have had only one experience thus far. I'm hooked and want more!!!!
I'm 6'1'' at 175 lbs very athletic 49 years old.
I live next to a number of lakes here in northern Vermont USA that typically have moderate / light winds.

I want to make one board purchase that will allow me to continually progress without selling then re buying.

The obvious recommendation for me as a beginners is something like the Rio M which has a center board but I'm in an area that will be difficult to sell the board once I get to the stage of not needing the CB to keep upwind.
Is it unrealistic to start out with something like the Go 155 and deal with the longer learning curve? By going this route am I being overly optimistic/confident in my ability to learn this activity ?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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