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Question New Waveboard

Hi Kev!

I'm considering to buy a new Waveboard. It is supposed to be a allround solution for whatever awaits me when i travel. I am using Power Wave Sails from 4,0 till 5,3 maybe even 5,7 meters. Waves from North Sea bang onshore to sideshore conditions like Capetown or Klitmøller.

I can fit my style to the conditions, so front and backfoot driven turns a no problem.

I am 183cm tall and my weight is around 84 kilos. My current Board is a 2005 Acid 74. Even though it's a bit old it's still a very nice board to ride. But it has become a little soft recently ;-)

Since i first used it at the age of 18 i have put up a few pounds, so i'm guessing i could go for more volume in my new board? I'm not really shure about the volume since the width of the shapes really changed a lot with the kodes and evils and quads etc.

So what stick fits me best?



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