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mmmm. I'm not convinced. yes I had a kombat, which is why I'm surprised a similar shape has gone from the range in this size. I've also sailed the kode 86 and its fantastic, but too big for me. I bet that the Kode 80 has less rocker flat, & more tail kick than this board and the other brands FSW options. In other words its a wave board, and won't plane in marginal winds as easily, or be as exciting in a straight line as competitors FSW. or be any good for freestyle. Sure the narrower tail, rocker & control and wave performance will be superior, but thats not why you look for a crossover shape. Furthermore if you wanted to see how the Kode 80 stacks up...its unlikely to be tested against FSW from other brands because of its waveboard label. Just an observation, interested if others agree or disagree. Just when SB were closing the gap on the benchmark FSW, they don't offer one anymore in this 55-56cm size?
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