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While you are probably right that mags will not test the Kode 80 together with fsws because it's labelled as a wave board, your preconceptions on rocker is not correct. I went back to my computer and checked (I happen to have the sort of twisted mind that must in detail measure every board I sail). I would say that as far as measurement goes, you can't differ between the Kombat 79 and the Kode 80. So as far as rocker goes, the Kode is just as exciting and early planing as the Kombat 79, or if you want, an "fsw version" of a Kode 80. That rockers were so close was one of the motivations to merge the Acid and Kombat lines.

But as pointed out, the tails is a bit narrower. This means you loose a bit of light wind performance and generally a bit of B&J range (but gain a bit of wave range). Also, the rails on the Kode 80 has become a bit softer and more forgiving, which further affects the ride. As PrydeMan says, the old 2006 Acid 80 (and similar rocker) was the king of B&J as far as wave boards go, mostly because of harder rails.

So in the end, the Kode 80 do offer a very fsw like crisp and exciting ride, early planing etc etc, but rails and narrower tail still means it is not a "true fsw". But as long as you don't need to rely on best possible performance in the lightest of winds, I'd say the difference is smaller then you might think.
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