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I wont be teaching my wife. We intend to get lessons over on lake Champlain in July. Neither one of us wants to wait that long to get started. As Del pointed out we understand the issues with the short season and already have neoprene to deal with the cold.
Elke has excellent balance and agility. She is the one who got me started in Freestyle Skate Cross-Country Skiing. I have total confidence in her but I will let her do her own thing under the instruction of someone else. It wont surprise me if she catches on quicker than I.
Elke is a engineer, I'm an electronic technician so we are interested in the technical aspects of this activity too.
Elke will not be a happy camper sitting on the beach while I'm out giving it a go so we will spend the money and purchase two boards and two rigs.
I know this is a Starboard forum and I do intend to buy the Rio M for me but should we be looking at something else for Elke? Something that would suit her as good if not better than the Rio S?
We might take you up on a trip to the Cape. We have never been there.
Who is this fellow in RI? I spent my youth at beaches in that state. I grew up in CT and didnt like Long Island Sound .(no waves) My grandparents took me to Charleston Beach RI often.
Actually after we gain some confidence the ocean is an option for us. Not too bad a drive. About 4 hrs to the closest beach in southern NH.
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