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Default Advice on sail choice and brand for futura 141

Hi all,
I am 220 lbs and I have set my mind on a futura 141 to sail in 12-20 kts wind (bays and lakes). I am an intermediate sailor and know how to waterstart and jibe. Will use the board mostly for freeride (planing and speed). Sail range would be 7.5 and 9.5. My 1st choice would have been North S-type sails 9.5 and 7.3 but I can't find a dealer for the S-type here in the US. I also thought about the NP H2 but NP has a bad quality rep. So my choice would be gaastra swift twin camber sails 9.0 and 7.5, but would like your advice on other brands and if 3 or 4 cambers would be better. I don't know much about Sailworks, Ezzy, Maui and Naish sails, so your input is very much welcome!
PS: if you guys know where I can find North S-type sails here in the US please let me know

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