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I did look at the P320 and wondered about it.
I'm curious why the P320 is not the typical recommendation for someone in my position. Is there something I need to further understand about the Rio vs. Phantom ?
I do have visions of occasionally getting out to the ocean once I get my skills far enough along. Is the Rio better suited for both light wind and occasional ocean use? How does the phantom fare in ocean conditions?
The P320 seems to be a good choice for optimizing light wind flat water lake use.
I need to understand more fully the compromises/advantages of each board and apply this to how I intend to typically use the gear. I realize 95% of my time on the water will be on the lake that is 2 miles from my home.
I've been living next to 3 beautiful lakes within 30 min. drive for over 15 years and almost never get out on any of them except for some fishing time.
I want to get started ! Maybe the thing to do is buy one Rio and one Phantom?
Can someone else chime in here?
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