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With sailboats varying so much in performance its difficult to have any general comparison. I raced in and agianst dinghies (with WS) for years. Even when we beat them the results would come out in favour of when yardstyicks were applied.

Dinghies range from Yardsticks of around 600 (Tornado) to 1200 (ish) for a topper. This means by definition the Tornado has to be twice as quick over a course to win.
We never established any credible ratings to compete with Dinghies.

6.2 Calculation of corrected times for race results:
Corrected Time (C) = Elapsed time x 1000 / Portsmouth Number (N)

ie a Yardstick of 1000 leaves time unchanged.

VMG ?? My money is on Tornado ? (Against anything in F4)
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