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Thanks Farlo too! I'd be interested to know what Planche Mag's view is - I guess we'll also know in the next week or so whether the North world cup race team are using them, as the Ulsan event kicks off this coming weekend, and therefore if they do indeed make a difference to their performance - for me that'll be quite a strong indicator if it's definitive one way or another! Also thinking about the old school UJ versus the tendon joint versus the Shox a few thoughts:
In theory the shox only allows damping in the verticle plane, hopefully giving the same forward drive as a tendon joint in the horizontal plane, so only absobing wave/chop energy and no forward sail drive. I guess the problem with the old UJs was that they "felt" slower as they probably had some vertical give in them, not transmitting 100% of all the vertical bumps into the rig, however I can't imagine that they would have allowed anything like the 6-8cm of absorbtion travel that the shox does, by the same token a tendon joint probably "feels" faster because it transmits every small shock and vibration into the rig! Only my thoughts here though!
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