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Default RE: Mistral Naish 8'11 - any experiences?

I used to have an 8 11 and liked it but it has some weaknesses.
I have to say that I live in Hungary/Central Europe and mainly used that board on lakes with 2-4 ft high waves/chops and that one was my only board therefore I used it with quite wide sail range (4.7 to 6.7).
Yes, it`s fast and jumps well but got very nervous in overpowered conditions. It carried my largest sail (NP diablo 6.7) pretty ok though I didn`t feel it ideal to this board. I`d recomment to use it with a 6 or so.
The original fin (as far as I remember it was a 27cm Naish FR) is not the best one. Got spin out easily and had very bad upwind ability. I changed it to a bigger Maui FR (31cm) and it was much better and helped the large sail size also.

It is FRAGILE. I managed to crash it`s nose at the first time on the water and had to have it repaired.

I decided to change it to a Kombat 95 and buy a bigger one (120 Xcite) for lighter days. These 2 gives me better coverage on windy days here and have better characteristics.

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