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Default F 133 2008 vs. F133 2010

Hi Team, Hi All,

I have an F133 2008 and was thinking about getting something that rocks a bit more. Is the F133 2010 really different enough (free-er, much faster, ealier to get planing than the 2008 version)?

I was a bit disapointed with the F133 2008 after having an ST137 (fast and one should've filed a flight plan with the local airport due to high flying boards). The C133 2007 was also quite disappointing <- both (F133, C133) were slow, heavy and really dragged, tried different fins but nothing really changed. <- no criticism, just additional information: I like it fast and furious something like an iS with bump and jump abilities. Is the new F really something in that direction?

F133 2008 "cruising at 25kts" in 1 m chop with occasional clean waves still really slow and not at all bumpy (as in wants air).
My old A117 would've trashed it (much faster, much more bump&jump) from the prespective smaller board and my iS133 would have trashed it from the prespective larger board (much faster alas also w/o bump)

Parameters: 82 Kgs, sails (6.8, 7.5, 8.1), +12kts
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