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Ok, well Christine starts by saying that this years 86 normal is the same as last years, and is here all time favorite board in the line. She says that the 86 slim looks really good thanks to the super thin profile.

Fins used:

Deboichet sl230/32 sl4 31/32
Tectonic goldwing 30/32/34

Sails used:

North Warp 5,7/6,3/7m

She says she used the same tuning on the slim as the normal one, to remove variables.

She says that the Slim is better suited to the 5.7m, and the normal works better with the 6.3m. This is on flat water in 15-25knts.

Winds up to 20-25, much harder chop, rough conditions with the Slim and 6.3 (on purpose to be overpowered) with the Goldwind 32, mast track forward an inch from center. She says that in these rough conditions, the 86 slim offers much more control over the regular 86.

In a later test she also says that the 86 slim is less tiring to use in rough conditions and it's added thinness makes it easier to jibe over the normal 86. She says the board really excels in "the red zone" ie. super windy, super rough conditions. Again, using a 32cm fin, 30 is too small, she adds. Despite the rough conditions, she had a great time with the board.

She also says that the 86 slim responds really well to power in the sail, making it easy to get going and that on flat conditions, with the mast track slightly back, it is possible to make the board go super fast.

She also used it down to a 5.2m, with a 31cm fin, for over 30knts, with all the same comments.

You'll have to wait for the team to jump in to compare the Speed specials with the regular iSonics, as I have tried neither, just reciting things I've previously heard.

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