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Yeah. Moving back gradually, with your feet over the center board, will definitely help. You basically want to be well powered up with both your feet resting against the straps before you go for them (front one first of course).

I know that when I first started windsurfing on a shortboard, I wondered why the heck the straps were so far back. Well, soon enough I discovered how much faster a short board could go and how my feet would move backwards as a results to balance more power in the sail.

Also, try not to "pick up" your front foot, especially if you've got the straps inboard. Try instead to "slide" your foot around the strap to avoid disturbing the board.

Like all parts of windsurfing, with enough practice, getting into the straps will become natural, so just keep trying and you'll get there. Once you're in the straps, you'll discover the potential to push your board so much harder and faster, in rougher conditions and higher wind and (like with a harness) you'll wonder how you used to survive without them!

Good luck,

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