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-> Ola H
funny, it seems to be common knowledge, that 1 of the two supplied fins is only good if you want to sell your board in original state so you only receive 1 usable fin and that one will pose a problem later on when you want to sell the board (because the catalog states a different fin belongs to the board, nice discussions is all I can say to that). Besides that the Freride 400 & or board + Freeride 400 don't work too well.
Solved problem: Got rid of board. Exchanged K107 & KA127 for KA117 & ST137. A117 was not to be had anymore .

-> Phill104
I don't trust a board longer than a year, especially if its wood (sorry guy's but wood just doesn't last the pounding day in day out).
I've almost changed my entire quiver
PA73 -> K86 (now my favorite board B))
ST104 -> --
A117 -> KA117
-- -> ST137
big question still remains what to do about my FT138
I'm still undecided
either the largest iSonic or Formula or Apollo or none and I just keep the FT138 for the days the ST137 just isn't enough

I pray the KA117 will not be as disapointing as the KA127 was.

-> to all

Just for the books, the KA127 could be for others a fantastic board, it's just NOT a replacement for a happy A117 customer. Maybe HEAVY guys will have fun on it or light guys who never experienced an A117.
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