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Well with regards to what the guy is saying in the review, I'm glad I took a fin much larger than my Drake, as he's obviously underestimated how much bigger a theoretical fin size he needed in the Venoms (on the website they say 2-3cm, he's only taken 1). Also, this guy is going from Deboichet, which is up there as one of the best brands for insane fins, to C3, also a very well reputed brand which has come up really quickly.

Most of the good reviews have indeed been on Futuras, and not iSonics, and have been for people going from the stock drake fin -> C3 venom. NONE of those people have been dissapointed, at least in the reviews I have read.

But again, it is as you say to one's own personal preferences. I still can't imagine how I would dissapointed, given the good things I've heard and how people have been telling me my current fin is undersized... Time will tell.
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