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OK. First test on the C3 Venom 36 today.

First off, I wanted to use a sail close to what Remi recommended for this board/fin combo (6.0 -6.5) so I had to whip out my old HSM 6.0m camberless. The sail was badly rigged, and worked TERRIBLY. First time I've been catapulted in about 3 months of sailing.... something which never happened with my North. Also, in the gusts, the sail would just blow out instead of accelerating. The bottom panel was completely gonna by the end of the session and there was a hole in one of the top ones.

Wind probably peaking just over 20 knts in the gusts, though I had to slug for about 20 mins to get to the wind which was only at the far end of the bay. Here, the water state was rough, with big chop about 80cm-100cm in amplitude.

First thing I notice, easier to get upwind slugging with the fin over my 30cm drake. This was expected as the Venom is a LOT bigger than the drake.

First good gust, in both straps, the whole setup feels a lot more solid with this fin, probably a bit more pressure on the back leg, but never too much. Hard, big chop, board almost always out of the water, but it's always easy to keep the board under control (though I'm fighting with my stupid sail...).

Despite the added 6cm, I never had to dig my heels in to keep the board undercontrol, ie. the board is nicely balanced.

On my downwind leg back to the beach I start getting nicely powered up, then an additional gust hits, (this one well over 20knts), which blows me even more downwind (again, I blame the *&^% sail more than the board/fin for this as it simply wasn't twisting out the excess power) it becomes impossible to turn the board back upwind for more control, blasting fullspeed trying to hold on for a couple of seconds before my inevitable dip in the water.

During this out of control run, I beat my previous best on the GPS (this is my second outing with it) with 25knots. Previously, I had only managed 22knts with the drake and my North.

Had I had my North at the exact moment, I'm 99% sure I could've hit 30knts or more as I could've kept everything under control and accelerated even more.

No comments on jibing yet, as I only ever did lightwind jibes today and tacks.

When the wind is closer to shore I will change fins every 30 mins or so to get a better idea of the differences, though for the moment I'm happy. I'm sure it will work really well with my North, which I didn't feel excelled with my Drake.

Summary so far:

- Board/nose rides slightly higher due to more lift
- I felt it planed a little bit earlier
- Pointed better in slugging
- Had a bit more pressure to push against
- Good grip even when getting airborn (intentionally, or unintentionally)

Hopefully my North will get fixed soon, as it's similar in program to the Severne Overdrive, which Remi recommended.
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