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Hi I've just purchased the 2010 Carbon iso 94 and have had a few goes at it now. I'm not in Vando's league, and I weigh 90kgs.

It definitely has enough float, to float me in marginal conditions.

For my level which is experienced recreational sailor, but never elite, its a bit technical to set up, tuning is critical if you want to get the best out of it.

Pro's = Very fast for its size. Gybes fast. Wide wind range, had it out with 7.6m, 6.7m and I think it would be good with a 6.0m.

Con's = So stiff it bounces around in the chop a bit. So ride is a bit harsh.

Overall = if you want a fast board of that size, would be hard to beat this board, just gonna take some committment at all levels to get best out of it.
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