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The Formula Weedfin is vertical 40cm deep,diagonal 56cm long. 100%carbon.12,5m²
are no problem. 700 or 750cm². Sorry I forgot it. Rake is 45°. So I can always say:
1,414.40=56,56cm (diagonal.) For 80cm boards worked I a new 40cm Duo Weedfin.
Duo Weedfins are double asymm.fins with cut out at the base.No spin outs.
The Formula Weed is horicontal 21cm wide, the Duo Weed is 19cm wide.
I work : 24cm 28cm 32cm 36cm 40cm. Always 1,414 is diagonal long
Chamäleon: 24cm 28cm 32cm. I have 36cm,but I say always ,please use the Duo 36cm
she can hold bigger sails. New is a fin with Rake 30°. Between upright and Weedfin.
My fastest fin. She can weed, not perfect, but if you have speed,no problem.
She made with Thomas Döblin 50 knots topspeed in GPS. 22cm vertical and is 28cm long. 18cm 22cm 25cm 28cm 32cm 35cm 40cm. Double asymm fin, for both tacks.
50knots are 93km/h. I worked just for fun the fin for hundred. I hope that he get the wind. Wolfgang
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