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Default acid or kombat

hi - I have a carve 111 (04) (used just with a 7.5) and a kombat 95 (05) used with everything else -6.0, 5.2, 4.5- and until I started looking at this website thought I had decided on my next board...

I was going to get an 05 Acid 74 for high wind use as the Kombat starts to feel big for my weight (about 65kg) with smaller than 5.2 sails. I sail on the sea in chop/small waves and a lake near work when I have less time!

I like the Kombat and was happy to keep that and have 3 boards, and thought the Acid would complement it well.

However, I've read some really good comments about the new Kombat 87 in the forum posts so wonder - should I carry on with plan A or trade in the K95 for a K87 and get an Acid later when I can afford it. Most of my sailing is on 5.2/6.0 but I'd like to be on the smallest, fastest board I can get away with.

Thanks for any advice!
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