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Hallo John! It is no problem for me to work fins forewards in boxes. My problem is:
My fins have cut out. He is the most time 4-5cm. 155mm is the box long.
155mm ,give 5cm overhang and 5cm cut out. So you have not more than 5-6cm at
the base of the fin. Thats to small. So I have to work wider outlines. I worked one
in 24cm and one in 28cm . 4cm overhang. They are Duo Weedfins with cut out.
They work very good. But not enough time to work a bigger. 32 and 36cm. But it is in my head.The difference of the point of attacke between upright and weedfins is 9-10cm
4-5cm in front, the difference is shorter.5-6cm. That what I made was:
I worked the outline so how the outline of the Chamäleons ,but I gave more area to the
base, so is the point of attacke good one cm more in front, but with the same overhang.
Sorry, that I forgot to read earlier. Wolfgang
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