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Initial impressions;

Feels great in the light stuff. In about 5 knots, feels very quick compared to a Division 2 board/Lechner, but this is just a gut feeling.

In 10 knots, feels good upwind, like a Division 2 board, but tacks very slowly even compared to Raceboards. Opinion divided over whether it is easier or harder to sail upwind than a Div 2 board. Nice feel, I think.

Downwind; seems considerably tippier than a Division 2 board and harder to gybe. You can feel the fin trying to rise to the surface at planing speed.

Gybing is hard; you can get right back and flare it around, but like an early '80s Div 2 (before they had fully-retracting centreboard) if you angle the board a degree too far, you're going to fall. And there's not much space for the feet back that far! It's nowhere near as easy to gybe as a Lechner.

Overall feel; much more like an early '80s (TC Win, Mistral M1 early version) Div 2 board, from the era before centreboards were fully retracting.

It's great to see manufacturers chasing light wind performance. This could be a really great board for many people. Would still prefer a fully-retracting centreboard version as the Serenity is less versatile than a Division 2 board.
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