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"The original post suggested changing the distribution system to get lower prices. I think that distribution change would dramatically hurt windsurfing sales (even if the prices went down) and that would hurt windsurfing."
Could not agree more with someone, the sale person role is so big and important that from what I read here I doubt many of you understands it. Here in Sofia, Bulgaria there are no more than 3 surfshops but only one of them have relaiable sale persons in our case also and owner. They are great and helped many to start windsurfing. They've got online shop also but always are ready to go to them to show you how to rig your sail how to tune up your rig and so on and so on. Here where the montly salary is way beyoud 1000 $ it is important someone to point you to the raight gear to show you that there is ways and ways to find the right items for you to see the person behind the shyny prices so in the recend years we've got steadily growing windsurf comunity. And this is only because of the shops and sales persons there.
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