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ive got a 2010 severne overdrive 6.7 (3-cam) to go with my futura 93 i also got mfc sl2 30, 32 ,34 so far i think ive hit over 30 kts on my local flat patch of speed perfection in around 20 knots of wind, with the 30cm fin. i think on a really good day i could hit 35 knots. i have to say that the pure joy of just blasting is sereously underated, all dedicated freestylers and wavesailors should go try it one day and they will rediscover the true fun of blasting.going along at 25 kts then bearing away into a carve gybe and screeching round the corner, racing your mates, feeling the effortless speed of some race gear. its just unbeatable-go try it again!!! i have a kode 86 for my freestyle by the way and then a 62ltr evo for 22 knts upwards in waves. i was also wondering now i have a freeslalom sail maybe a isonic 86 would be more suitable-acording to the catalogue it can carry a 7 metre all info would be great
Jason Catchpowle, WA
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