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Dell pioneered online build and sell and prospered initially.

Look what has happened to them....

The real visionaries , Apple, the ones who came up with the new ideas and products, opened their own retail stores selling nothing but Apple.....

Ho hum!

ps Apple could now buy Dell lock stock and barrel from their spare cash.
Apple is not such a good example in their case they count mostly on WOW factor and very good innovation. Their stores btw are not a bit successful somewhere I read reports about that you can google them . Many manufacturers have retail stores but this bring excessive cost in logistic and management on the company in time of crisis as of now such a big investment can bring very strong company down. In an extreme sport like windsurfing were the product is more toward luxury recreational goods than regular all companies are struggling to keep heads above the water. So I admire more the Starboard politic of recruiting more team riders as I see it these is the best practice to advertise their products and develop growth and visibility for the sport.
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