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Default RE: Mistral Naish 8'11 - any experiences?

I concede to Zots critique that I have not had a lot of time on the 8'11", but I have ridden all the boards in this line (save the Floater, of which I only studied an acquaintances board), and the whole line are all very similar in feel and construction. If there were ever a production series that felt like they were a "family", the Mistral / Naish series was it.

Also, having sailed them, AND being an admirer of Robby, I think that these boards reward the sailor who sails like Robby - powered all the way through the jibe, hard aggressive carves, sail rigged to be 'back-handy' (which helps get vertical in the jumps). Go for it in this fashion, FULLY powered up, and you'll be richly rewarded on any of the boards in this line. Sail timid, and on this stuff you're gonna get thrashed and break it a lot. If you're gonna sail wimpy, you'll do a LOT better in that case with a Carve. Kombats too, I really like my Kombat.
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