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Thanks for the reply.....answer to some of your questions:

She is a beginner, but this past Feb learned to get in the foot straps and hooked in and planing......but that was in Bonaire in ideal conditions.

Right now have sail sizes 5.8, 5.5. and 5.0 for her.

We sail in the ocean and at a lake that gets a summer thermal, and yes we get lots of weeds, so I will need to get a weed fin.???

The board did not come with a shallow water fin.In September we will be making a trip to a place where the water is shallow so will need a shorter fin.

I do have a JP 120 X-cite ride that I'm hoping she will progress to from the other two boards are under 100 l, so not a good option for her.

So I guess I need to figure out what I need to get for a " small" fin and a weed fin that will work for this board.

Cheer, Sean
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