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Default Starboard Evo XTV 80


I am looking to buy the Starboard Evo XTV 80 as it has great reviews and reckon it is the one for me. I'm 79Kg and sail in 4.2-6.0m weather mostly. I usually sail in big swell and chop conditions but aspire to getting into more wave sailing, hence why i would like to buy this board. So my question is - based on the info above do you reckon the Starboard Evo XTV 80 is the best board for me?

Also i noticed in all the reviews that they talk about wave riding etc. but never mention loops, table tops or any of the cool tricks that i would like to be able to do. Is the Starboard Evo XTV 80 a good board to learn these tricks on?

Any info much appreciated,

Thanks, Steve
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