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Originally Posted by Solo View Post
I look forward to try the Futura 93 as soon as i can (i will buy from Guillermo Guglielmino, Starboard dealer). I live in Peru and sail in Paracas bay. It's a paradise for windsurfing, sailing, biking, kiting, kayaking, skying and much more.
Hope you can try it sometime.
Since i'm not an expert (don't complete most jibes), do you think wood is the best option?
Aren't they really fragile?
The finish is fragile... I scratched the underneath of mine when I placed it on cement for fresh water rinsing. Make sure you always lay it down on grass, sand or a board bag or else the finish underneath will get sratched.

I don't complete most of my jibes planing either for the moment, and the other day the mast came crashing down on the front of the board as I crashed, with no damage. The good thing with the low volume in the nose is that when the mast falls on it it can sink into the water to absorb the impact.

You'll appreciate having Wood over Technora in the long run, just remember to treat your board right. Cheers and do give us your first impressions, I know mine were memorable.
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