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Default Can an iSonic 150 carry an 11.6m RS4 sail?

I am a heavy weight inland sailor (105 kg) looking to trade in my existing SB FF 158 for an iSonic. I have a good selection of NP Mk2 Slalom sails ranging from 9.2m to 6.8m plus an NP RS4 11.6 with X9 mast and boom for the lighter days which works brilliantly on the FF 158.

My second board is an S-Type 133 which works well with the sails I have from 7.8m downwards.

Question: Will the iSonic 150 be able to carry the 11.6m? Secondly, what is the maximum realistic sail size a sailor of my weight could use on the 150 and 144?

I am at an average level, planning in the straps, pretty quick, able to water start and carving both boards 60% to 70% of the time. My passion is sailing quickly and drag racing with my mates.

Any help would be most welcome.
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