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Question What gear to take to San Fransisco?

Hi everyone... I am going to San Fran early August for three weeks to visit an old guy. Boring... but then I thought, if I took my WS gear it could be transformed into the greatest holiday of my life!

So my question is,if I can take one board and maybe 2 sails, what should they be?

Board options are:

205 litre Bic Techno (please don't tell me to take this one!)
122 litre 2003 Starboard carve (My most loved board, uphaulable if necessary)
80 litre wave board (very light for travel and great in strong winds for me)

my weight 100kg (but this may balloon to 105kg within a week of eating American portion sizes)

Sails anywhere from 4.1m to 8m

There is one other complication... we will be heading up to the Hood river Gorge for a couple of days too. I guess it is impossible to have one set of gear to cover the Gorge AND SF Bay. But any advice greatly appreciated... bearing in mind my windsurfing will be 90% on SF Bay.

thanks in advance from Ben in New Zealand...
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