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Hi Solo,
How about a little more information for us to work with?
What size sail, how much wind, what size/brand is the fin?
If it's the stock fin, and you have not sanded the graphics on the fin blade
to get rid of the little bumps, wet sand your fin to smooth out the foil.
Also, it's a bit difficult to come off a formula board with a 70 cm fin and
not "push to hard" on a small slalom or freeride fin.
It could be technique (or you are just pushing too hard) or it could be a poor preforming
How big is the chop? Is you board coming completely out of the water in little "chop hops"?
If the fin comes clear of the water, and you do not kick your board back under your butt
so the fin lands pointing a bit downwind of your course (trajectory here) then nearly any fin will spin out when it gets back in the water as you probably are still pushing when it comes clear of the water, so the tail of the board lands downwind of your course (trajectory). If the fin re-enters the water pointing below your course, it hooks up pretty
easily. If the fin re-enters the water pointing above your course, it gets too much pressure and will most likely spin out instantly.
Also, are you using a vertical fin (slalom type) or a more curvy freeride or wave type fin.
This can make a big difference.
Hope this helps,

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