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Default RE: Kombat, S-type or Carve as high wind board

I gues you are talking about a second board, don't think youl'll be putitng a 9.0 on a K87/97...

ST104 or ST93 fast, chop okay, but not jumpy jumpy
K86 not as fast but oh man, fun fun fun, jumpy gyby
I weigh ~ 80 was out nwow 7 times on my new K86 in 4.2-5.0 conditions and am most happy. Had ST104, was happy too but fun wise -> K86. You might have to get another fin, K86 came with two fins (300 freride and 240? wave), K87 comes with one (between the size of the K86 freeride and wave) or still with two since the first board usually get the old fins from the previous model...
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