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Hi Solo,
What year is your Carve 111?
I'm trying to figure out which Statboard or Drake fin you have.
Some where good, some not so good.
Do try to take a foam/sponge fine or extra fine sanding pad and wet sand the scratches
off the edges, and fair in completely any areas of the foil that are rough.
If you have an early carve, with a fairly curvy Starboard fin, they weren't too bad.
If you have access to a shop, check in their used fin bin for some other fins in the same size range (maybe 4 cm larger and 4 cm smaller).
Often it's just something about a particular fin, and even the fin guru's cannot tell you how to make a bad fin into a good one.
With a 5.3-6.0 m2 sail range on a Carve 111 I would think you would be looking in the 30-36 cm range. Maybe down to 28 cm for the 5.3 in really powered conditions.
Also, curvy wave/bump and jump style fins are a lot more forgiving than vertical slalom fins. The slalom fins are a bit faster, and go upwind a little better, but they don't do so well if your fin comes out of the water.
Also, if you are used to sailing your formula, with the boom really high, try bringing the boom down some, and adjusting your harness lines so you stay in over the tail of the board more. Narrow boards with smaller fins pretty much demand that you keep your body more vertical and over the fin (vs 40-50 cm away from the fin on your Formula
Next time you spin out, try to notice if you got bounced high enough to bring the fin clear out of the water.
If so, you need to treat these little chop hops like the small jumps that they are.
Tuck the board under you with your back foot, try to get the board to land slightly fin first and pointing a little downwind of where your trajectory is heading.
Hope this helps,

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