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Originally Posted by kiwiben View Post
Thanks guys, great info...

my friend lives in Mill Valley in Marin county so i will look up those sites on google Earth to see which ones are handiest to get to. A 5.9 is my favourite sail at the moment so it sounds great...
From Mill Valley the closets spot is Larskpur it is a fun and easy place that allows very long runs. I go there in August because it is often the only spot out of the fog line.

Almost as close is Crissy Field, but is August it can be shut down by the same fog, it is a very hard, expert only spot, mostly because of its currents. Than there is Candlestick (reliable), Coyote (bit of a wind-line) and 3rd Ave (great for large swell). August is still quite windy, you might be able to use your 80L board, but the 122L will see quite a lot of use, at 70Kg my most used boards in Aug are 95-74L sails 6.6 to 4.7.

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