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No doubt that there are sailing techniques that help reduce "spinout" as Roger has suggested. However, some fins are prone to spin out and there is little you can do to fix the problem. There is no way to look at a fin and determine if it is spinout prone or not. You have to get on the water to see.

There are several custom fin makers that make great fins that will reduce spinout by 80-90% over some stock fins, but you are looking at an investment of $175+ US dollars to solve the problem.

You may want to consider Tectonics fins. I have a Tomcat 42 for my iS 111 and love it, but the new Talon is getting great reviews.
The new Isonics don't come with fins so you will have to order something for your new board.

I have an iS 111, so I can't speak directly to the 94, but I guess I would say that it feels more like a mini-formula board than a medium size freeride board (outboard straps, wide tail, quick planing, moderate gybing radius and quick acceleration). I have a starboard formula 160.
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