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Default Fins - lets share knowledge


on my quest to learn about slalom fins, I realized that very little tests/reviews are available. That is at least weird since the fin is probably the most important part of our windsurfing equipment.

So why not make good use of this forum and have everyone commenting on their experiences with different fins, so that one could always use it as a source of information. My focus is on slalom, but why not comment on other fins as well?!?!

I have very little to add since I have been sailing basically on old equipment and thus old fins. The only more modern fin I have is a G10 Kai Hopf fin 43cm. I use it with an older model of the slalom Mistral SLE 130l and a 8.4 and 7.3m sail freerace sail (Stype from North). With both sails it has lots of spin out tendencies, so it does not allow too much back foot pressure. You have to let the board run by distributing your weight more or less equally between front and back foot.
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