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Hi Unregistered guest,

I would call myself a very keen but uneducated intermediate loser, who knows little about fins. BUT... I was mooching around the WildWinds Shop in Wellington NZ and this guy starts telling me fin stories, about blasting past other guys etc, and basically talked me into buying a new fin. It turned out he was the C3 venom guy and he had a prototype Venom he had finished testing and he sold it to me cheap... I went straight out and hit 30 knots in choppy water on my trusty 2003 carve 122. That never used to happen with the Drake. I am now going for the big 40 as soon as I find some flat water and a decent slalom board... it may take me 10 years or so, but I WILL get there, with my trusty secret weapon one-off prototype wide-tip venom... nyah ha haaaaa....(Evil laughter)
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