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Hi Remi,

The starboard site says :

Phantom Race 320
The new Phantom Race 320: the compact version of the 380. A totally new design concept that started with the 380 shortened down to 320. The rocker, the nose vee, the daggerboard and mast track positions were adjusted to match the new length. Super-sized 2cm high heel extensions were added to the deck to maximize the sailor's leverage when railing upwind. Competitive in the 380 class and by far the most advanced board in the 320 class.
Available in Tufskin and in PVC Carbon, the Phantom Race 320 is the new gem in the family.

Does it mean that :
- the information on the site is not correct ?
- the PVC carbon version will not be distributed in France ?
- other explanation ?

Thanks for the answer.

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