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I had a Starboard 105 Kombat that had been used a handful of times then delaminated and blistered, Starboard would not honor this defect they gave me some line about storing it wet but never warned me not too. Seems to be a common problem to boards made in the Cobra factory.

bottom line
Starboard will not stand behind their boards.
Not to particularly defend Starboard but the warranty on the board last only one year. I had a very minor problem with my Isonic 111, with the grain of the wood apparently swelling up after a few months of use. The "swell" was less than 1mm but Starboard honored the warranty and had the bottom refinished by the master of the Bay (Mikes' Lab) at their expense. I really appreciated that, in my case great costumer support.

A couple of things. No board should be stored wet in a bag, especially if the weather is warm. It is a recipe for all sort of problems. And I do not think that there is nothing particularly wrong with the Cobra factory, they make great boards. A couple of years ago I bought a couple of boards from a supposedly good builder (Carbon Art) and frankly the construction quality was worse than my Starboard or RRD.

What might be worth considering is the type of sandwich used in the construction. One wanders if a layer of glass in the bottom might help protecting better the veneer (which right now, besides been epoxied, is only "protected" by paint), and/or if a better grade veneer should be used. The wood veneer on my Isonic did not seem very fine, with widely spaced grain which might exacerbate water/humidity penetration.

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