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Default A Message to Starboard's Management

First let me preface my comments by saying I am a Starboard enthusiast and own three Starboard boards. I am writing, however, to express my extreme dissatisfaction with Starboard's inability to deliver a 2010 Starboard Kode Wood 113 that I ordered back in October. I have waited now six months and through correspondence with my local shop have counted 4 to 5 shipments to the US, none of which contained the board I ordered. I understand and accept that there are delays in the manufacturing and shipping of boards in a global economy, but six months is too long, especially with the light wind summer season gearing up. Instead, I've cancelled my order and have opted for another vendor's offering.

My message to Starboard is simple and obvious; if you cannot take care of your customers, even your most loyal ones, someone else will.

A particular case in point. Starboard has already advertised their replacement of the Futura with the new Carves. My local shop cannot get delivery of the Futura's ordered back in the same October time frame, nor are the Carves available anytime soon either. This again is an example of not delivering on what you advertise. I don't care how far ahead of the R&D curve you think you are.

I'd like to hear a satisfactory reply to my complaint (I'll even settle for some commisseration at this point). This will at least give me the comfort that Starboard accepts its responsibility and is interested in keeping its loyal customers.

Thank you,
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