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Question brand new iS 121 WC foot strap screws/holes problem

I finally got my brand new iS121 WC 2010 (3rd one the dealer had delivered, first had long dent in bottom under most foot, second was -quoting the dealer- "total crap" (paint completely mucked up and fin box partially filled), the third (the one I have now) resists moderate attemps to attach the original foot straps with the original screws to the board (it also has a questionable spot on the bottom close to the fin that one can actually feel without looking, but all the boards in the shop had a few similar "spots" at random locations so that might be "normal"))).

Question is: should I apply a bit more pressure or just return the board unused and get yet another one?

While trying to screw the screw into the board it makes a grinding noise and doesn't catch straight, instead it catches and wobbles at the speed you screw. I already tried to force it in straight (very moderately) but as soon as I would let off pressure it would "wobble" again. I alread stuck a screwdriver into the hole and turned it around a few times and blew into it as well to no avail.

What does Starboard recommend?

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