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Default RE: Mistral Naish 8'11 - any experiences?

Hi Andrey,

Looks like you have had some great input since my original post above. Really, a lot of very positive information, except for the clear indications of the board's inherent fragility. Regarding that, I have to question the addition of EVA foam to the board. While EVA foam would offer a buffer of sorts against boom or mast strikes, it looks so tacky. Despite the old school pointy nose, which still looks good in my book, it would take away from the board's sleek good looks and shape.

If you are truly worried about protecting the nose of the board, I think Geoff's suggestion of reinforcing it with added glass and epoxy makes the most sense. If the job is done right, before the nose has been damaged, it makes the job quite a bit easier and it ensures the best integrity overall. Really, the toughest part is spending the time to carefully fair the added material into the existing shape.

If you lack experience performing repairs, you might want to check out the BoardLady's website below, as it offers an excellent source of information to guide you down the right path. She's a seasoned pro at repairs, so you can readily depend on her instructions and recommendations.

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