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Can the K103 handle a 7.5 Severne NCX?:

I have a 6.5 as my biggest but think a 7.5 non-cambered sail for lighter winds (gusty 10-15knots) and flat water blasting is the next logical size up - but I want to run a 7.5 on the K103. Will a 7.5 rig be too big and the 30cm fin too small for the K103 or could get away with it ok? - Me an advanced sailor at @80kg?

I have sailed a mates K103 wood/carbon with a 6.5 fully-powered and it was a stunning all round bump'n'jump board. Also sailed it in flat water in gusty 12-15knots and it went sweet with only an underpowered 6.5 - So after that I know it will take a 7.0 - I want a K103!...but can it take a 7.5?...
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