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Default RE: Evo 74 2006: how to trim it for an easy ride in the chop?

I think the reason for the "nose into the wind" is mostly that you??'re not used to a board this small. An EVO might do this a tad more that a similar sized classic wave board, but the difference is marginal. Its not really a trim issue either. The way to handle it is to get used to "hang" a bit more on the boom and put a bit more past foot pressure on the board. You also need to get the whole rig a bit more forward of yourself until your planing. It feels a bit awkward at first, but quickly becomes second nature. When you master this, you will be able to sail sub planing with both feet in the straps (uncomfortable, but possible and sometimes handy). Again, its all about distributing pressure between your feet and the mast foot.

As for the trim issues: The fin position for ease through chop is very difficult to comment on since it depends a lot on how you ride the board. I would say that the fin in the middle works well. Fin and straps further back on an EVO means you will need more feel to avoid spinouts and sometimes you can also get the feel that the sail and fins sort of does not "connect".

On the 05 E74, I use the mast track about 131-132xm from the tail (if I recall correctly). Thats in the rear part of the box.

For 5.5 bump and jump sailing I would suggest a slightly stiffer fin than standard, maybe a 2007 Drake crossover 24 or even 26 if you want some more fin power (but at your weight you should get away with the 24). If you cant get that fin, most good freewave fins will do.

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