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Default long to short board- steep learning curve

yesterday i took my new board out for the second time. the first time i went out with it was much too windy (may God one day strike me down for saying that). its my second year sailing. last year i sailed a fanatic ultra cat and upgraded to a futura 144. yesterday the winds were around 15 mph and i figured it would be a good day to learn the new board. i rigged an 8.5 gaastra matrix and used the stock fin since its the only fin i have. i wasnt able to beach start and i cant waterstart yet, but i uphauled the 8.5 with little difficulty. i learned that the futura, compared to the ultra cat, requires me to steer a lot more with my legs and less with the sail. i was able to get up onto a plane, but not into the straps or harness. i have a lot of trouble getting hooked into a waist harness while wearing a PFD (the lake i went to requires them). the real problem i was having was turning around without getting so squirrelly i fell down. i could tack the ultra cat, and 'pseudo jibe' but not on the futura. what do you guys think i ought to work on first? is it usually difficult for people when going from a long to short board?
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